Crystal Tripp Gollakner

My son has always had trouble reading and writing. His troubles with these skills made it difficult for him in school. For years he wrote letters and numbers backwards, not even noticing that there was something wrong. The school gave him assistance and extra help but it just didn’t seem to make any difference. Then a special lady named Beanie insisted that I take him to the eye doctor. I was ready to try anything to help my son with his struggles. The doctor said he needed vision therapy for 6 months. So we tried it. I was VERY skeptical that reading letters in a row or catching a ball on a string was going to do anything for his literacy skills but I was wrong. Vision therapy trained his eyes to look at the words and letters correctly. It gave him the ability to read and write better. It was amazing how his skills improved. You have no idea how great I felt when he started wanting to go to school. The training gave him the confidence to read and write. I would suggest any family try it if their child is struggling with reading and writing.

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