Dennis C. Doll

As a young student, my daughter Maddy struggled with school to the point of nightly 3 hour bouts of crying while trying to accomplish the simplest tasks. My wife, Jill, and I would sit with her at the kitchen table and try to help and encourage her. She would struggle with simple math problems and reading and English were even more difficult for her. Beanie Leffler suggested we try the vision therapy in Marquette. We went for the free evaluation and were shocked to hear the results. It turned out that numbers and letters were moving as Maddy looked at them. This caused her to cock her head sideways to block out one eye. Her eyes were not tracking in synchronized time. There were also other revelations that we as parents were not aware of. The doctor told us she was a candidate for vision therapy. She assured us that there was no vision problem but the two sides of her brain were not communicating as they should. Vision therapy could fix this. We made many trips to Marquette and the results were phenomenal. Maddy would get her homework completed in school. All her work was accurate and her self-esteem grew by leaps and bounds. Today Maddy is a straight A student. As a sophomore last year she was inducted into the National Honor Society. This year as a junior she is taking college level math, chemistry and English composition. Her first semester grades were all A’s. She is a leader in her class and a very gregarious young woman. I cannot begin to describe what Beanie’s suggestion and vision therapy has done for our daughter and our family. My daughter’s future is as bright as anyone’s thanks to vision therapy. It is one of the greatest gifts we have ever received.

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