Nelson H. Hassell, O.D.

Beanie Leffler has struggled with reading and comprehension her whole life and has been diagnosed with dyslexia. It has been a source of great frustration for her. She had made significant improvement in reading proficiency since receiving vision therapy but was still struggling with reading comprehension. I was pleased to be able to introduce Beanie to the ChromaGen Lens technology. After conducting the chromatin testing procedure and demonstrating the proper ChromaGen lenses Beanie’s word recognition and reading improved over 33% immediately. The immediate improvement was encouraging and Beanie was fitted with the ChromaGen filters made with her eye glass prescription. She has had the new lenses since November 2011 and she reports continuous improvement in reading performance.

It is very gratifying to be able to provide patients with new technology that will improve their life through enhancing their vision performance. Beanie is an inspiration for her diligence in overcoming a difficult obstacle. She is truly a success in conquering dyslexia.

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